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This is a community designed to offer a safe space and supportive environment for the significant others of transgender persons (regardless of your own gender identity). With this in mind, we have a few guidelines for posting threads and comments to this forum. Please read the rules before posting.

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This is a space for people who are interested in discussing and learning about gender and sexual minorities (LGBTQ). The emphasis here is on education and outreach, so please feel free to join us!

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2020.10.31 05:18 Nipple-Cake Sally Ride, The First American Woman In Space and First Lesbian or Bisexual Astronaut?

Apparently this is old news but after Sally Ride's death in 2012, it was revealed that she had a life partner, Tam O'Shaughnessy. They were together for 27 years from 1985-2012. However, she was also married for five years to Steven Hawley from 1982-1987. She has been described as the first lesbian/lgbt astronaut but wouldn't it be more accurate to describe her as bisexual than lesbian?
She was a very private person, which is why it was only discovered when her partner and sister revealed it. She herself may not have identified with any term either, since she wasn't out during her life. But that could have been because she didn't want to jeopardize her NASA career since it wasn't as acceptable in the 80s and she was (and still is) the youngest American astronaut to ever go to space.
So is this a simple case of bierasure or was the overlap during her marriage an indication that she wasn't yet living as her true self, yet?
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2020.10.31 00:02 AroAceDepresso I'm asexual and I consider myself broken this year's Ace Awareness Week

I've been identifying myself as asexual for the past several years and has always been happy and content about being one, until this year when I feel as if I'm actually broken and should seek therapy...
Please understand that I'm only considering myself this way and in no way mean anyone else because everyone on LGBT+ community is valid and I pl love and support every single one of them, especially asexuals.
What made me feel this way was the realisation how lonely I am in real life and how I've wanted to have a partner that will not condemn me for who I am for the past 10 years. I've dated allos most of the time and got lucky to meet an ace person and got into relationship with them.
Except I wasn't happy even then. Not because of the luck of sex (I'm sex repulsed) but because they're didn't care about my feelings, and so we had to part ways. And now I'm just regretting being who I am, thinking that life is just unfair and wants nothing but me to suffer.
I'm sorry for this rant, I hope I didn't break any rules and if I did - I apologise to the mods and admins. I just have nowhere else to go and no one else to talk to about this...
(P.S. I had to make a new account because I deleted my previous one almost a year ago)
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2020.10.30 19:06 s-tevie [A4A] Looking for a New Roleplay!

Hello everyone! My name's Stevie, and I'm an agender roleplayer with 4 years of experience. I'm nineteen and really down for anything. I would be interested in building a whole new world with someone or creating new OCs for an existing fandom. I generally do paragraph-style rping in third person, mostly over discord. Below, I'll list some rules and some fandoms I'm into. I really primarily roleplay as OCs, with canon characters usually being secondary.
And of course, I'm down to just create a new universe! I would be down to do AUs of any of these fandoms, too. I like the idea of historical fiction stuff, sci-fi, fantasy -- really anything. I'm even down for horror, I'm just not sure I can write it all that well
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2020.10.30 17:40 VittoriaVitaDe In welchen Ländern ist die Leihmutterschaft für Alleinerziehende zugänglich?

In welchen Ländern ist die Leihmutterschaft für Alleinerziehende zugänglich?

Immer mehr Alleinstehende Männer und Frauen wählen eine Leihmutterschaft, um Eltern zu werden und ihr eigenes Kind zu erziehen.
Hier geht es nicht nur um LGBT-Menschen, sondern auch um heterosexuelle Männer und Frauen, die beschlossen haben, ein Kind ohne Ehepartner zu erziehen.
Die Gründe mögen unterschiedlich sein, aber meistens können Alleinstehende einfach keinen geeigneten Partner für die Gründung einer Familie finden.
In diesem Artikel erfahren Sie, in welchen Ländern ist die Leihmutterschaft für Alleinerziehende zugänglich?

#VittoriaVita_de #Unfruchtbarkeit #Leihmutterschaft #Medizin
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2020.10.30 17:31 VittoriaVitaIt In quali paesi è disponibile l’utero in affitto per i genitori single?

In quali paesi è disponibile l’utero in affitto per i genitori single?

Attualmente sempre più uomini e donne single scelgono la maternità surrogata per diventare genitori e crescere il proprio figlio. Non si tratta solo di persone LGBT, ma anche di uomini e donne eterosessuali che hanno deciso di crescere un figlio senza coniuge.
Le ragioni possono essere diverse, ma di solito le persone single non riescono a trovare un partner adatto per creare una famiglia.
Nell’articolo potete scoprire nei quali paesi potete ricorrrere ai servizi di maternità surrogata per i genitori single:

#vittoriavita_it #sterilità #maternitàsurrogata #medicina
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2020.10.30 14:52 goth-punk Partner with DID/Paracosm may have cheated or was taken advantage of

Been a member for a while to try and get an understanding of what my partner experiences or needs as he has a paracosm and I have been trying my best to be social with each resident and remember their details. We have been together for four months, but we are not officially dating as he wanted to take things slow and be friends first due to part of his past trauma.
TL:DR - Partner has been texting our roommates sexual comments and engaged in physical intimacy, then claimed survivor compliance for one of the roommates and that the other had manipulated him into intimacy. Roommates have since moved out and are dating again and partner and I are trying to reconnect and build our relationship.
The details: P - partner AFAB He/Him M - former male roommate, dating F F - former female roommate, dating M
I met P in a FB LGBT group and we connected instantly. I went up to where he lived a few times for dates and I let him know right from the start where my feelings were, and he indicated he felt the same but wanted to be friends first. We did have intimacy, kissing on cheeks and deep hugs.
He had to move stuff from his old apartment and so I helped him, one trip went to where he was staying and then we discussed him coming down to my place for a visit. That visit turned into a few weeks of living together before we decided he would just move his stuff here and we were going to work on building between us. The whole time he was here we were kissing cheeks, cuddling, and sharing the bed. He grew close to M and F and for a while we had a good social environment.
One day, we were having a group dinner and M was cooking while F was at work. I was tasked with going to get something from the gas station and while I was gone M asked to see P's chest and felt him up, then when P got up to go get water from the fridge M came up behind and reached down my P's pants to touch him. I came back and that all stopped, but I did not find out what happened until two days later while moving things from the old apartment.
I immediately kicked M out, but P did not want to press charges. P and M had both deleted all texts they had sent eachother as far as sexual comments, but I was able to see one from M claiming to have had consent. P claims he was put in survivor compliance mode and unable to give consent.
F and P grew close after, and P spent nights in F's room for support after what happened. P's resident J developed feelings for F and P asked me for permission to approach F. I was assured by P that I was the primary life partner and F was just exploration before getting locked into a relationship with me by choice. They were intimate twice, and when P went up to his former home for a week F opened up to me that what had happened was not consented to. When I approached P about that he broke mentally.
M and F have moved out and are dating again, and I am trying to pick up the pieces of P as best I can without feeling like I have been lied to this whole time. F showed me all of the messages sent between F and P and when I talked with P he said he was manipulated and felt like a spell had been put on him.
P has since not cuddled and we have pulled back on kissing. There were brief moments after of improved intimacy, but those must have been too reminiscent of recent trauma to continue with. P plans on going to an inpatient program to work on his anxiety and trauma regarding relationships and intimacy and has heavily indicated he wants to be with me like I want to be with him once he gets back.
I had been told by J that residents never go against the will of the host, and that none of them would hurt me. So, I am trying to chalk everything up to P's anxiety and trauma, and have cut off ties with M and F as regardless of if there was consent, they were still good friends who had intimate moments with someone they knew I loved.
There is so much past trauma with P that I am feeling weighed down by lack of the intimacy we once had, and still I want to be there for him.
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2020.10.30 13:14 Brw_ser Think about what you've been ostracized from...

I think as LGBT conservatives one of the most difficult aspects of 'coming out' is that many of us face ostracism from the gay community at large. That's why I thought I'd take the time to go over what you're really being ostracized from, so you can reconsider whether or not it's a bad thing.
  1. Gay people have a significantly higher prevalence of serious mental health issues than their straight counterparts.
  2. The gay community embraces promiscuity and lack of discipline. Gay men, by far, have the highest number of sexual partners compared to any other group. It's no wonder that even though gay men make up 3% of the population that they account for 78% of all HIV cases
  3. The gay community embraces illicit drugs. Mainstream gay folks are far more likely to abuse illicit drugs than any other group
  4. The gay culture is a culture of perpetual victimhood. 'It's society's fault that I got HIV even though I slept with 50 different guys in six months and didn't bother to use a condom'. 'It's society's fault that I can't keep a job even though I never show up to work on time and I can't control my temper'.
Tl;DR the mainstream gay culture is one that is addicted to pleasure and entertainment. Do you really want to be a part of that? I sure don't.
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2020.10.30 12:05 lintillaall Getting older

Getting older
Hi everyone.
Long time lurker, but since I am turning 39 today, I feel it's a perfect day for some reflections and my first post. I don't really know where this post is headed, but here we go :)
I guess we can agree on that I am supposed to be grown up and very wise by now? Turns out I am just as clueless as everyone else.
Growing up we did not have all this beautiful flags to fly under. I had heard of some gay dude and seen drag queens on tv, but that's about it. I think it's incredible how everything changes so fast.
I struggled with my gender identity, or more the society's obsession with the reproductive organs. I never found my place. I was born with a penis, but never fitted in with the boys. In addition I have always had a very androgynous appearance, and during my teen years I was "thrown out" from the mens room so many times growing up, that I started using the handicap restrooms whenever possible, and I still do.
I don't think of myself as a specific gender, but if I really had to make a binary choice I would go woman. But luckily I have now learned that it does not need to be one or the other.
I have had crushes on a boys, even tried dating one a while, but all my real relationships has been with girls. I find them much easier to talk to. However when it comes to sex I do prefer a man. So I guess I am all over.
I was lucky and discovered the late 90s goth community, oh my what a game changer. Once a month there was club nights, where nobody cared if I wore makeup, dresses, what restroom you choose or whatever. No judgement, just great music, dancing and incredible people of all flavors. But all good things comes to an end, and adulthood came, forcing one to get a job and fit into society. Never got that right.
At 39 I have a couple of serious relationships behind me, longest being 9 years. But with my identify issues (with the mandatory periods with depression), and not wanting to have kids, things has been hard. Things that a partner found "interesting" when they were 18 was suddenly not okay when they got older. But it seems to have turned out great in the end. I have been living together with my current girlfriend for four years now, and she is fully accepting of me. For the first time I don't feel like hiding anything.

I want to thank lgbt and all you wonderful people. I still have days where I feel all wrong and ugly. But your stories and pictures helps me see the beauty of being different.
I am not one to give advice, but I see a lot of you young people being confused and desperately trying to find your flag. Remember that it does not really matter, you are beautiful regardless of labels. Do what you feel like and be true to yourself.
"I don't want you to change for all the hurt that you feel, This world is just illusion always trying to change you." - VNV nation, Illusion
I will end this post, celebrating myself with a small montage, age ~14, 20, 30 and today.
Thanks for reading.
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2020.10.30 11:26 ladaman la mia piccola storia del cinema: dal 1920 al 1924

Proseguo il tentativo di condividere la strana scelta che ho fatto di vedere i film in ordine cronologico per anno, una scelta che porto avanti da 12 anni, con la terza tappa della mia piccola storia del cinema, che riguarda gli anni dal 1920 al 1924.
Le precedenti tappe sono
- Dal 1910 al 1919, in cui metto insieme Mary Pickford con il primo porno
- Dal 1874 al 1909, in cui parlo di treni, trucchi e storie lacrimevoli
Di quest’anno ho visto 58 titoli intorno al 2010. Per una volta comincio col titolo più brutto e cioè “Terror island” che è uno dei pochi film col grande illusionista Harry Houdini. Mi rendo conto che Houdini 100 anni fosse uno dei personaggi più amati, ma i suoi film non hanno niente di magico.
In questo periodo siamo in piena Hollywood Babilonia. Ad esempio, il comico Fatty Arbuckle fu accusato di aver stuprato una giovane attrice, Virginia Rappe, che morì dopo che le furono trovati cocci di bottiglia nella vagina. Fatty finì qui la sua carriera anche se cercò invano di rientrare con altri nomi e scagionarsi dalle accuse. In quest’anno esce uno dei suoi ultimi corti, “il garage”, prima dell’oblio. Visto che parliamo di dive e di flapper, c’è anche il film “The flapper”, con Olive Thomas, altra star morta giovanissima. Pure nei titoli negli anni ’20 non si facevano scrupoli affatto, ad esempio c’è il film “Sex”, del regista Niblo, che faceva soldi a palate, ed “Erotikon” che però è un film svedese di Mauritz Stiller, amicissimo di Greta Garbo. Di questo film è bellissima la sequenza aerea, una delle prime.
Ernst Lubitsch, il regista dal tocco inconfondibile, quest’anno gira alcuni dei suoi maggiori kolossal europei. Si tratta di film in costume, che a me non piacciono, ma questo non vuol dire niente. Di quest’anno è dunque “Anna Bolena” e anche “Sumurum”, ma vi confesso che non li ho finiti perché non è il mio genere.
Il periodo 1920-1926 è quello delle Tre Corone della comicità e cioè Charles Chaplin, Buster Keaton e Harold Lloyd. Mentre Chaplin e Keaton li hanno sentiti nominare tutti, Lloyd no, ed è un peccato: i suoi corti del periodo in questione sono bellissimi! È al livello degli altri, solo che la sua comicità è invecchiata male. Tra i tanti corti magari si può vedere “High and Dizzy”. Invece per Buster Keaton (tradotto da noi come Salterello) c’è per esempio “One Week”.
Con pochissimi soldi e pochissimo seguito il regista Oscar Micheaux girava una delle prime storie con attori di colore, “Within our gates”.
Il 1920 è l’anno in cui prende piede l’espressionismo tedesco, che già aveva lasciato traccia in arte e letteratura. Gli autori tedeschi sono quindi all’avanguardia, e tra i vari film a me sono piaciuti “Il Golem” di Paul Wegener e ovviamente “il gabinetto del dottor Caligari”. Ora io non mi strappo i capelli per Caligari però ne riconosco la carica di innovazione incredibile. Le scenografie sghembe, i costumi, la scrivania alta 2 metri, le espressioni di Werner Krauss e Conrad Veidt e la bellezza di una delle attrici più nominate nei cruciverba di ogni tempo, Lil Dagover.
Altre segnalazioni: la sequenza notturna di “The last of the Mohicans” con Wallace Beery, una luna bianchissima e cattiva; la perfidia di Priscilla Dean, che ruba la scena al divo Lon Chaney nel film “Outside the law”, e le acrobazie di Douglas Fairbanks ne “Il segno di Zorro”, che di solito non mi esalta, ma Fairbanks ne sapeva una più del diavolo, è un film godibilissimo.
Il mio preferito dell’anno è un melodramma (la mia passione) e cioè "Agonia sui ghiacci", in cui Lillian Gish subisce di tutto e di più dal suo marito sciupafemmine e pur di liberarsi da quella schiavitù cammina su blocchi di ghiaccio.
Di quest’anno ho visto 55 titoli intorno al 2010. Quanto piaceva agli spettatori dell’epoca il filone esotico! Non posso dire la stessa cosa per me, comunque siccome è genere tipico dell’epoca cito “L’atlantide” di Feyder oppure “Eldorado” di Marcel L’Herbier.
Negli anni ’20 c’era tantissima sperimentazione e sono diffusi i corti astratti. Durano poco, si può buttare un occhio su “Opus II” di Walter Ruttman oppure su “Rhythmus 21” di Hans Richter. Però i tedeschi si danno da fare molto anche nell’espressionismo. Titoli classici dell’anno sono “Hintertreppe” di Paul Leni o “Destino” di Fritz Lang. Di questo film si deve assolutamente vedere l’apparizione della Morte, che resta poi indelebile in memoria. Non è tedesco Sjostrom, ma il suo film “il carretto fantasma” ha i toni cupi e inquietanti lo stesso. Non è un film facile. Sjostrom è nella mia top ten del muto e forse per questo poi quando l’ho rivisto in veste di attore nel Posto delle fragole di Bergman mi è piaciuto ancora di più.
L’ho citata già nel 1910, Asta Nielsen. In quest’anno c’è il suo film più noto forse, l’Amleto. Lei non si faceva mica scrupoli a recitare nel ruolo di un uomo. Per associazione di idee mi viene in mente che c’è “Camille” con Rudolph Valentino e Alla Nazimova nella classica storia della Traviata. Non voglio nemmeno immaginare cosa succedeva nelle feste private di questi due. Il 1921 è l’anno in cui Valentino scala ogni classifica di popolarità. È rimasto memorabile il suo ruolo nello “Sceicco”, in cui fa sua Agnes Ayres senza se e senza ma.
Per la commedia sofisticata Cecil B. DeMille, ancora lontano anni luce dai kolossal degli anni ’50, dirige Gloria Swanson e il bel Wallace Reid in “The affairs of Anatol”, in cui c’è anche la ex baby star Bebe Daniels. Questi film muti sono per appassionati perché sono così intrinsecamente anni ’20 che ogni cosa nel nostro gusto di oggi spinge a non apprezzarli. Però così non è se ci si rifà una sorta di verginità cinematografica: dopo mesi e mesi passati a vedere solo film degli anni ’10 o precedenti, le commedie sofisticate di DeMille mi sono sembrate raffinatissime.
Altre segnalazioni: le acrobazie di Douglas Fairbanks nei “tre moschettieri” (nei primi anni ’20 andava tanto il cappa e spada, di cui Fairbanks è massimo interprete); la scena allo specchio di Max Linder in “Sette anni di guai”, questa davvero è un pezzo di bravura; poi un mio pallino è il furto del pollo nel melodramma “The Blot” e le lacrime versate da Lillian Gish nella rivoluzione francese, in “Le due orfanelle” di Griffith. Infine, lo sconforto profondo trasformato in vendetta da parte di Richard Barthelmess in “Tol’able David”, uno dei film più interessanti dell’anno.
Parentesi sulle Tre Corone della comicità per segnalare almeno “Never Weaken” con Harold Lloyd e “La casa incantata” o “la barca” con Buster Keaton, il quale era capace di trovare gag con qualsiasi oggetto gli venisse a portata di mano, era sensazionale. La terza corona è Chaplin, e qui ho messo 10 a “Il monello”, che è una tragicommedia imperdibile. Non importa che sia un film muto, le lacrime che si versano guardando questo film parlano da sole.
Di quest’anno ho visto 56 titoli intorno al 2010 e forse già 2011, compreso un altro bruttissimo Houdini, ma lasciamolo perdere. Nel 1922 compare Walt Disney. I suoi primi corti risalgono a questo periodo ed ecco spiegato perché tutto il materiale fino al 1923 è di pubblico dominio mentre quello dopo no… sennò la Disney come fa? Comunque, in barba a Disney, il cartone animato dell’anno non è suo e si chiama “Felix saves the day
Questo per me è un anno di transizione, non privo di cose interessanti. Per esempio ci sono i documentari del russo Dziga Vertov, i “Kino-pravda”, oppure tanti corti delle Tre Corone (va vista “La casa elettrica” di Buster Keaton e certamente “Giorno di paga” di Chaplin ma non posso citarli tutti ogni anno), e ancora film espressionisti come “Il dottor Mabuse” di Fritz Lang, che però non mi ha esaltato. Risale a quest’anno “Sangue e arena” col divo Valentino, e poi ci sono i kolossal di Erich von Stroheim, il più perfezionista tra tutti i registi, che dilapidava i soldi dei produttori per i suoi film pieni di dettagli, come “Femmine folli”.
La stregoneria attraverso i secoli” è un docudrama di Benjiamin Christensen, che ho già nominato nel 1914 per una scena con la botola. Questo film è inquietante secondo me, per cui per cambiare completamente argomento cito le prime comiche delle simpatiche canaglie (Our Gang). Negli anni ’20 le star bambine erano molte e molto ricche. Curiosamente qualche anno fa è morta l’ultima star bambina, Baby Peggy, sicché praticamente non esistono più persone viventi che hanno recitato in film muti.
Uno dei film più strani di sempre dal punto di vista visivo è "Salomé", fortemente voluto dalla star Alla Nazimova. La Nazimova era nei primi anni ’20 sinonimo di eleganza e scandalo e in questo film ogni costume, acconciatura, scenografia è una istantanea di un gusto e di uno stile ben preciso. Si può guardare il film non tanto per il film, ma per tuffarsi negli anni ’20.
I due film cult dell’anno sono “Nanuk l’esquimese” e “Nosferatu il vampiro”. Il primo è un documentario. Quando ho iniziato a vedere quel film ricordo perfettamente di aver pensato: “sai che palle, un documentario muto su una famiglia di esquimesi”. E invece l’ho visto tutto da inizio a fine e dopo sono andato in giro a leggerne articoli che ne parlassero.
Nosferatu” di Murnau è una tappa importante della storia del cinema, ma non tanto la mia, credo in genere. Le apparizioni di Nosferatu te la fanno fare sotto, la nave piena di cadaveri, le ombre, c’è un sotterraneo senso di disagio per tutto il film. Dopo aver visto Nosferatu ti fai il pelo sullo stomaco. I critici sapranno ben dire quali significati nascosti ha.
Di quest’anno ho visto 48 titoli intorno al 2010. Le cose cominciano a farsi interessanti, ci sono film tedeschi, russi, americani ma italiani? Proprio no. Gli anni ’20 sono il decennio peggiore della nostra cinematografia, ma per i francesi al contrario era ricco di titoli: “La rosa sulle rotaie” è un film di Abel Gance, e in ogni libro di storia del cinema questo autore ha tanti pollici su, ma non è nella mia top10, diciamo così, ma mi piacevano le scene iniziali. Mi è rimasto di più “La sorridente signora Beudet” della regista Germaine Dulac e soprattutto “Coeur fidele” di Jean Epstein. In questo film ho amato le scene sul luna park e quelle della donna con le stampelle, un gran personaggio.
La suora bianca” è un melodramma con Lillian Gish e Ronald Colman, star del muto, ambientato a Napoli, una delle città più amate dal cinema e lo segnalo per quello, mentre Chaplin dirige la sua partner d’epoca Edna Purviance nel dramma “A woman of Paris”, un rarissimo film di Chaplin in cui non c’è niente da ridere.
I due film migliori dell’anno secondo me sono “Il gobbo di Notre Dame” e “Safety last”. Nel primo c’è Lon Chaney. Quest’attore morì giovane nel 1930, per cui è una delle più tipiche star degli anni ’20. Era un trasformista, prendeva tutte le parti più difficili possibili, che lo obbligavano a tour de force fisici dai quali usciva sempre vincitore, in questo assecondato dal regista Tod Browning, un maestro dell’horror. Nel cinema degli anni ’20 Chaney è di importanza assoluta, c’è lui, Valentino, Greta Garbo e pochi altri allo stesso livello. Ricordo bene che guardavo i suoi film con grande ammirazione e il suo Gobbo non ha niente da invidiare ai successivi remake.
“Safety last” ha una delle sequenze più formidabili del cinema muto, cioè quella del grattacielo. Harold Lloyd scala una parete di un grattacielo ed è assolutamente incredibile quante gag sia riuscito a mettere in questo film. Nell’accoppiata suspance + comicità questo film è al numero 1. Se volete vedere solo 1 film di quest’anno, questo è il titolo giusto, per me un 10 senza esitazione.
Di quest’anno ho visto 51 titoli intorno al 2011. Quelli che mi piace segnalare subito sono “il navigatore”, altro colpo di genio di Buster Keaton, “Entr’acte” che è un film puramente dada, di René Clair. Negli anni ’20 arte e cinema erano strettamente collegati. Sempre René Clair gira “Paris qui dort”, in cui invece si sposta nella fantascienza.
Poi c’è un triangolo con sfumature LGBT in “Michael” di Carl Theodore Dreyer, uno dei miei registi preferiti. Prosegue il filone espressionista con “le mani di Orlac”, con Conrad Veidt, quello di Caligari. Ci sono tanti melodrammi interessanti, ma per quest’anno ve li risparmio. Concentriamoci sui 4 film da non perdere, uno per volta.
Il ladro di Bagdad” di Raoul Walsh, il regista con la benda sull’occhio, mi aveva annoiato la prima volta che l’avevo visto. Ma era colpa mia, ero distratto, e Douglas Fairbanks già mi aveva stufato dopo una dozzina di suoi film visti. Però sentivo di non rendere giustizia al film, così mi sono fatto coraggio e l’ho rivisto attentamente e mi è piaciuto un sacco! Fairbanks ha il sorriso stampato perennemente sul volto, sembra lo chef Burak, ma è un acrobata nato. Le scenografie del film sono sontuose, e Anna May Wong, l’esotica protagonista, bellissima.
Rapacità” di Erich von Stroheim e un lunghissimo film che costò così tanto che ogni libro che ne parla ha tanti aneddoti su come sia costato tanto. Von Stroheim voleva fare un film che durava 4 ore e non riusciva a tagliuzzare niente. Ad ogni modo, i protagonisti sono Gibson Gowland, la versatile Zasu Pitts e Jean Hersholt, uno dei personaggi più stimati di Hollywood. Non sono tanti quelli che vogliono mettersi un pomeriggio intero alle prese con “Greed”, però ci sono le scene con la Pitts che conta le monete, quelle in pochi minuti si possono vedere.
L’uomo che prende gli schiaffi” è uno dei ruoli più tragici di Lon Chaney. È ambientato nel mondo del circo, che negli anni ’20 era un’attrazione amatissima. Ci sono molti film con scene di circo in questi anni. Qui sono da guardare le scene col leone in gabbia. Questo film mi era piaciuto a parte per la commovente recitazione di Chaney per la presenza dei divi John Gilbert e Norma Shaerer, entrambi giovanissimi, guardando i quali mi sentivo già vicino ad assistere a un modo più moderno di recitare.
L’ultima risata” è un film con Emil Jannings, in cui l’attore tedesco interpreta un portiere di albergo che viene licenziato e per questo è costretto a subire la vergogna e lo scherno da parte di chi gli sta intorno. Murnau faceva film pieni di significati. Che grande regista. Jannings non è un attore di cui fa figo dire che si è fan, però che fosse bravo è indubbio e lo si capisce guardando questo film. A parte la prova d’attore, tutto in questo film grida “espressionismo tedesco”, una versione più soft e matura certamente rispetto ai titoli degli anni precedenti, ma forse per questo di maggior tenuta alla distanza. Ho visto questo film 10 anni fa e ricordo bene che mi era piaciuto tanto, spiccava sul resto.
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2020.10.30 11:04 VittoriaVitaEn In which countries is surrogacy available for single parents?

In which countries is surrogacy available for single parents?

More and more single men and women choose surrogacy in order to become parents and raise their own child. We are talking not only about LGBT people, but also about heterosexual men and women who have decided to raise a child without a spouse. The reasons may vary, but more often single people simply cannot find the right partner to start a family.
In this article, you will learn in which countries you can use surrogacy for a single parent:

#vittoriavita_en #infertility #surrogatemotherhood #medicine
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2020.10.30 02:21 NueNesta Struggling with feeling like a bit of a coward

So recently enough, I've finally come to terms with my sexuality after long and repeated fits of denial. And my husband was the first person I've told, and then my best friend, and then my baby cousin (one of the few in my family who isn't LGBT phobic)...

But does anyone else feel, like, awkward coming out to new people? Or the fear of not being believed because of the circumstance of still being with a male partner? (Or the flip side, worried of them asking questions that get too personal about intimacy?)

And because I used to identify (I genuinely thought I was...) bisexual... I feel an added layer of guilt because there already is such a heavy stereotype that bisexuals are just confused and are either straight or gay.

And then there's the issue of dating... We've been considering having an open marriage but it's still just in the discussion phase, not rushing into anything yet... But I notice a lot of WLW on sites and apps seems to be put from dating anyone married to a male or assume that they would have to date the male too (and to be fair I understand where the fear comes from and why)

My life feels like a clusterfuck mess right now. Just needed to vent...
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2020.10.30 00:10 Bisexual-Demigod Daria in "The Presidential Election of 2020"

*With the Sick, Sad World theme playing on the TV* "Polyamorous man in Oklahoma owns his own private big cat zoo and accuses his business rival of killing her husband! Tonight on Sick, Sad World."
Daria: *switches off the TV and goes up to her room to call Jane* "Hey"
Jane: "Hey, Daria, what's up with you?"
Daria: "I was wondering if you wanted to hang out somewhere outside where, so we can socially distance and still see each other."
Jane: "Sure, I'd be happy too, let me just finish up the sculpture I'm making and I'll be right there around 3:00. Where were you thinking?"
Daria: "There's a graveyard near downtown that no one visits, so I figured it would be relatively free of people."
Jane: "Oh a graveyard huh? I've actually been making a mini graveyard of my favorite painters for a Halloween project. I'll see you then"
Daria: "Ok, see you then" *Daria hangs up the phone and goes downstairs*
Helen: *upon seeing Daria greets her warmly* "Oh hi, dear, how are you today?"
Daria: "I'm fine, I guess. I'm going to hang with Jane later."
Helen: *with a slight worry in her voice* "You're gonna be socially distancing, right? We are still in a pandemic after all."
Daria: *still maintaining her blank expression* "Well, yeah, that's why we're going to the graveyard downtown. Plenty of space to spread out and since it's full of dead people, the chances of anyone else going there are slim."
Helen: *speaking with a sense of deflated enthusiasm in her voice that she tries to hind behind a thinly veiled mask of upbeatness* "Wow, a graveyard, that's a good place to be if you're trying to avoid other people." *and then remembering what she wanted to ask Daria about* "But since you're here there's something I wanted to ask you about."
Daria: *now raising one eyebrow with a hint of suspicion in her voice* "yeah?"
Helen: "Well, your father and I are going to go vote in person this weekend to avoid the super long lines on election day and we were wondering if you wanted to come with us."
Daria: *with a slight feeling of relief* "I suppose that would be better than having a bunch of people breath on me during election day."
Helen: "I'm glad to hear that. I just feel like so many women these days throw away their rights when they haven't even had them for a hundred years. And by the way, I'm not going to ask you who you intend to vote for, it's your right to keep that private if you want."
Daria: *suspecting a hint of concern in her mother's voice and then speaks with a feeling of being slightly offended* "I'm not a going to vote for Donald Trump, I'm voting for Joe Biden, but I'm mad about it since I wanted a progressive candidate. And just because I like to read post-apocalyptic novels about sociopaths doesn't mean I would vote for one."
Helen: *Speaking as though she were relieved of a heavy burden* "That's nice to hear. I really a society that actually treats people fairly."
Daria: "So you mean you're going to stop being a corporate lawyer?"
Helen: *gives Daria the stinkeye*
Jake: *excitedly greets his daughter upon walking into the room* "Hey, kiddo!"
Daria: "Hi, dad."
Jake: "I heard you're coming to vote with me and your mother. Isn't it exciting to see the way our democracy works, right as it's happening and-" *Jake is suddenly cut off by the ringing sound of his flip phone* "Hello? Oh, yeah, I can meet you for a client meeting, I'll be right up there. And, yes, I'll remember to bring my mask this time. Sorry, kiddo, gotta run."
Daria: "Mom, how come everyone in this house has a smartphone but dad?"
Helen: "Your father has a tendency to fall for every conspiracy theory on the planet earth, so I had to limit his internet access."
*Commence flashback scene*
Jake: *hiding in the attic out of fear* "Damn it, Helen, I can't come down from the attic! The Hillary Clinton clones will drag me down to the pedophile ring below the pizza parlor to be eaten by Donald Rumsfeld in the form of an alien lizard while Obama becomes the antichrist and Donald Trump is abducted by space aliens to rule over our galaxy with a new world order while Mike Pence turns the White House into a place of devil worship!"
Helen: *remembering Jake is easily distracted by really stupid shit she pulls out an old flip phone* "Look Jake, a flip phone. It flips. See?" *She says this while demonstrating the flip of the flip phone*
Jake: *now looking on with a childlike wonder* "Ooooooh it does flip around."
*End flashback scene*
Daria: "Oh, yeah, that's right, he was hiding in the attic six months ago, because of some weird internet conspiracy he heard through Facebook. I knew he was hiding in the attic but I didn't know why, so I guess that answers that question. Didn't you have to eventually lure him out with a twinkie?"
Helen: "Yep, and that's why I always keep a packet of twinkies nearby."
Daria: "Well, it's probably time for me to leave, so I'll see you later."
Helen: "Ok, dear. Make sure to be safe and don't touch anyone if you don't have to. And wear a mask."
*At the graveyard*
Jane: "Lawndale Graveyard. God, imagine living your entire life in this backwater town. If I die, I'd want it to be the way every great artist dies. Overdosing on heroin while being drunk as a skunk in a cosmopolitan apartment that smells like opium."
Daria: "I see you brought Trent along with you."
Jane: "Trent gave me a ride here since he's going to be playing gig later in a club near here"
Daria: "I'm surprised clubs are still open for business"
Jane: "They're allowed open so long as people are ordering food with their alcohol, which is just yet another reminder of how this country is run by idiots."
Daria: "You know, it's too bad covid-19 isn't prevented by eating pizza because otherwise, I think we'd be immune by now."
Jane: "Speaking of which, Trent, get the pizza out of the car."
Trent: *Bringing forth the pizza* "So how have you guys been, got any plans for the week."
Daria: "I and my parents are going to go vote next weekend."
Jane: "That's funny I'm actually planning to go vote next weekend as well."
Daria: "Really? I didn't think you would be into that."
Jane: "What voting? Well, it's not so much that I'm enamored with civic duty so much as I would like it if we had people that believed in arts funding. And I actually would have voted in the primaries but I slept through election day."
Trent: "I think I voted in an election once."
Jane: "Trent, voting in a student council election because one of the candidates bribed you with a free pizza doesn't count."
Trent: "Oh, yeah, that's right, it was for student council. And he didn't even remember to buy me the pizza either."
Daria: "So are you going to vote now?"
Trent: "Me, no way. I don't believe in participating in institutions created by the man. On that note, my gig starts in an hour so I'll see you guys later."
Daria: "What about your parents?"
Jane: "They're not registered to vote. My mom thinks it interferes with her cosmic energy and I'm pretty sure my dad doesn't even know there's an election happening."
Daria: "Are you voting for Biden?"
Jane: "Yeah, I guess, I just really wish Bernie had gotten the nom."
Daria: "I just wanted a progressive candidate who wasn't at risk of dying in two years, which is why I voted for Elizabeth Warren, but then when she dropped out I started rooting for Bernie and was then disappointed but not surprised when Biden triumphed in the end. And now I'm just hoping we can at least get rid of Donald Trump."
Jane: "Currently we have a wannabe authoritarian, a pandemic, children in cages, and a climate disaster. I know America has always been a little mediocre, but how did it get this bad?"
Daria: "From what I can tell everything that's happening is ultimately the result of the US spending decades ignoring societal, economic, and environmental issues and then electing the world's most obvious conman to the highest office in the nation all so three people can get rich."
Jane: "So basically the capitalist greed of corporate America has brought us to this point."
Daria: "Pretty much."
*At school the next day*
Mr. DeMartino: "Now, students, since we are in a pandemic I'm feeling a little generous and have decided to give all of you an extra credit assignment." *Mr. DeMartino starts passing out a blank map of the US* "Whoever can most accurately guess what the map will look like on election night will get an extra five points on the next test. I would also like to remind you that if you can you should be exercising your right to vote."
Kevin: "I like extra credit but voting sounds boring. There's no football or babes."
Mr. DeMartino: *with his eye jumping out of his skull at every other word* "Well, KEVIN, why don't you TELL that to all the people who DIED for your right to VOTE!"
Kevin: *Thinking Mr. DiMartino was 100% serious* "Uh wouldn't it be kind of hard to tell them that if they're dead?"
Mr. DeMartino: *using every ounce of will power to not strangle Kevin to death and instead replies with a sarcastic remark* "I'm sure if there's anyone who can talk to dead people it's you."
Kevin: "Wow, thanks, Mr. DeMartino."
Mr. DeMartino: "Continuing with our lesson on America's presidential elections, who can tell us the first election in which the winner did not take the popular vote?"
Daria: "The election of 1824 was the first election in US history in which the winner did not win the popular vote. The Candidates were Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay, and William H. Crawford. Adams won in spite of Jackson being the popular vote winner due to delegate votes in the House of Representatives since no candidate received the necessary number of electoral votes. Four years later in the election of 1828 Jackson would win both the electoral college and the popular vote in a populist wave."
Mr. DeMartino: "Very good, Daria, now someone other than Daria tell the most recent election after 2016 in which a candidate won without winning the popular vote. Brittany, why don't you take a stab at it and see whether or not you will continue to disappoint me."
Brittany: "Um, Ok, was it when Titanic came out because I love that movie."
Mr. DeMartino: "No, Brittany, it was NOT the year that movie came out, it was in 2000 between Al GORE and George W. BUSH!"
*In the hallway between classes*
Daria: "If I'm being honest I have no idea who's going to win."
Jane: "Really? All the polls are showing Trump losing."
Daria: "Yeah, but that's what they said in 2016, and look where we are now."
Jane: "Good point."
Upchuck: *standing behind a booth for the Lawndale High School Republican Club* "Hello, ladies, Charles Ruttheimer here, would either of you be interested in watching in joining the Republican Club's virtual election watch party where we can watch the king of the ladies men win reelection?"
Daria: "Upchuck, have you ever heard of the expression "get the hell away from me?"
Upchuck: "Feisty!" *proceeds to make his characteristic purring sound*
Kevin: "Hey, Daria, I was thinking of voting for that Trump guy since he's got lots of money and babes, could you tell me when to vote?"
Daria: *wanting to protect the US from another Trump term decides to lie to Kevin* "Of course, Kevin, it's actually the day after everyone else votes, because Lawndale quarterbacks always vote after everyone else."
Jane: "And make sure you show up real late at night after everyone else has gone home."
Kevin: *being completely oblivious to the lie they just told him* "Wow, thanks." *Kevin then proceeds to join a crowd of jeering high schooler shouting "TRUMP!" around the Republican Club booth*
Daria: *looking at the onslaught of stupidity that stands before her* "I hate everyone."
Jane: *grabs Daria's glasses and puts them on her face* "Hey, Republicans, I'm Daria, go to hell." *put's them back on Daria's face* "Knope, doesn't work, my face is still too expressive even after years of trying to master the art of Daria Speak."
*Fashion Club meeting over Zoom*
Sandi: "I would like to start this meeting of the Fashion Club by reminding everyone that as fashion leaders we must stay up to date on what is current and therefore we must begin with our first topic for discussion; the fashion of the presidential candidates. I'll go first I don't think either won is especially fashionable, but I think Trump definitely looks worse because at least Biden's suits fit him well but Trump always looks like he's wearing pajamas."
Tiffany: *speaking very slowly since it takes a long time for information to go from her brain to her mouth* "Oh... no... imagine... an entire... country... of people wearing... pajamas in public... it's very much a violation of fashion rules, Sandi."
Stacy: "Oh my god, you guys, his spray tan! I can't stand for more years of looking at spray tan. What if he made the entire country get a spray! We would all be orange! ORANGE!" *Stacy proceeds to hyperventilate*
Sandi: *trying to get Stacy's cool back* "Stacy, no one is forcing you to get a spray tan."
Stacy: *eventually calms back down*
Quinn: "You guys, I don't like Trump either, but shouldn't we be more focused on each candidate's policies. I heard Biden cares about the rain forest or something."
Sandi: "Gee, Quinn, I didn't know you wanted to derail the Fashion Club discussions with your brain talk, perhaps you should take a sabbatical."
Quinn: "Oh, Sandi, I was just trying to expand the fashion discussion."
Sandi: "Then it's decided, the Fashion Club shall endorse Joe Biden for the presidency."
*Dinner time at the Morgendorffer home*
Jake: "Hey, girls, how was school?"
Quinn: "Today the Fashion Club decided to endorse Joe Biden for the presidency after we assessed each candidates' fashion sense."
Daria: "Don't you think you should be more focused on the issues affecting everyday Americans?"
Quinn: "That's what I said! Isn't Biden like the healthcare guy or whatever?"
Daria: "If by "healthcare guy" you mean he wants to expand the Affordable Care Act, then yes, however, I would point out that Medicare for All is probably the best solution to fix America's healthcare problems, but I doubt it'll get passed due to this country's obsession with corporate rulers."
Quinn: "Daria, you're making my head hurt."
Helen: "Well, Quinn, I think it's great that a young woman like you is taking an interest in the country's direction even if you aren't old enough to vote."
Quinn: "Oh I just remembered that I have a date tonight. And, yes, we'll be wearing masks and socially distancing."
Helen: "Alright, dear." *now turning her attention to Daria* "What about you?"
Daria: "Nothing truly eventful happened except for the rally of stupidity in the hallways and by that I mean the Lawndale High School Republican Club trying to get people to vote for Trump."
Jake: "Have you ever considered forming your own club for political action?"
Daria: "I don't join clubs. I'm not a joiner."
Jake: *reading a newspaper article about the deficit* "Well, if you say so, kiddo. Wait a minute! The stock markets are going down and now the taxpayer is expected to cover a deficit going through the roof! What do these people think I am, a money machine!" *shaking his fist at the ceiling* "Did you hear that old man, you can't fool me!"
Helen: *Facepalms*
*At School the next day*
Kevin: "Hey, Macdaddy."
Mac: "Don't call me that."
Kevin: "I decided I'm voting for Trump since he's got babes and money."
Mac: *feeling disappointed but not surprised at Kevin's decision* "Kevin does it not bother you that Trump only plays golf and is openly hostile towards the Black Lives Matter movement?"
Kevin: "I mean I guess golf is kind of boring, but like he's just showing off his money, don't you want to be as rich as him?"
Mac: "Well, sure, I want to have money, but not at the expense of screwing over working people or trying to delegitimize an entire civil rights movement."
Kevin: "Wait how is it a civil rights movement when they only say that Black lives matter?"
Mac: "Look, Kevin, I like you a lot, but I'm not gonna be your Black friend who explains racism to you like you're a five-year-old, if you want to understand it crack a book or read a reputable news source like The Washington Post or Politifact. See you later."
Kevin: *not even remotely understanding why Mac feels the way he does* "Whatever you say, Macdaddy."
Mac: "Don't call me that."
Jodie: "Hey, Mac, I've been phone banking for the Biden campaign for the last three weeks and was wondering if you could help join in. If nothing else you'll have more padding for college resumes"
Mac: "Yeah, I'd be happy too, if my dad doesn't already have something for me do that is. Do you really think Biden can beat Trump?"
Jodie: "Well, so far he's been polling pretty well and unlike Hillary, his lead in the polls hasn't collapsed and also unlike Hillary, he actually visited Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania this time and he's polling pretty well in those states, but the most important thing to remember is polling is just an indicator, not a crystal ball, so really, I have no idea who the winner will be. And if I'm being honest I really wished we had nominated a more progressive candidate like Bernie that could rally the progressive base of the Democratic Party instead of just another centrist who thinks the police can be "reformed." And I'm not trying to say Biden and Trump are the same because they're not, but can this country please have a more serious discussion about policing and universal healthcare instead of just the same old "socialism bad" nonsense."
Mac: "I feel you."
Jodie: *seeing Daria and Jane in the hallway* "Hey, let's ask Daria and Jane if they'll help." *now walking up to Daria and Jane* "Hi, Daria and Jane, do you guys want to help phone bank for the Biden campaign?"
Jane: "I don't know I have a lot of art projects to do for Halloween."
Jodie: "What about you, Daria?"
Daria: *not really wanting to be a part of a political campaign since it makes her feel dirty but at the same time doesn't want to be responsible for Trump getting a second term and therefore decides to give in* "Um, sure, I guess. Give me the information to sign up."
Jodie: "Thanks, Daria, I knew I could count on you. I'll see you guys later."
Upchuck: *over at the Lawndale High School Republican Club booth* "Alright fellow Trumpers we're going to chant our ladies man's name on the count of three. One, two, three." *kids surrounding the booth start chanting "TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP" at the top of their lungs*
Jane: *mocking the Trump kids* "Cheer, cheer, cheer. Yell, yell, yell. Who cares who wins this election, we're all going to hell."
Daria: "Disappointed."
Jane: "But not surprised."
*After Mr. O'Neill's class*
Mr. O'Neill: "Daria, if you don't mind I'd like to ask you something."
Daria: *sighs* "Yes, Mr. O'Neill?"
Mr. O'Neill: "I was wondering if you would be willing to give a speech in support of Biden for the Lawndale mock election since we already have one for Trump."
Daria: "I mean I'm kind of busy already with phone banking for the Biden campaign and all."
Mr. O'Neill: "Well, alright." *now thinking out loud* "right now the only person representing a candidate is Charles Ruttheimer and he's doing Trump so I'll have to keep searching for a student willing to represent Biden."
Daria: *realizing the horror of having Upchuck continue to be an influence on the school decides to write the speech* "Actually, on second thought I'll do it, when do you need it done?"
Mr. O'Neill: "Well the speeches are being given tomorrow, but if there's anyone who can write a speech in less than 24 hours I'm sure it's you."
Daria: *unenthusiastically and with a sense of worry in her voice* "Um, yeah, thanks."
*Daria's room*
Daria: *speaking on the phone with potential voters dials a number on the call list* "Uh, hey, this is the Biden campaign and we would like to know if you will be voting in the upcoming election this Tuesday."
Mrs. Johansen (chocolate bar lady with poor health issues due to her weight): "Oh yeah I'll be voting. But not for Biden, for Trump. I'm not about to let some radical leftist in love with AOC tell me to be a vegan for the rest of my life."
Daria: "Ok, thank you, ma'am." *hangs up the phone and sighs*
Quinn: "Daria, can I ask you something?"
Daria: "I'm not writing an essay for you."
Quinn: "No, it's not that. It's about this election. I'm really worried about what will happen since it looks like this pandemic thingy is going to keep going and I don't know how long I can keep wearing a mask since it's ruining my mascara and apparently there's like a recession thingy as well that looks like it could hurt all the clothing and makeup businesses, so I was wondering if you knew the answer. I tried getting the fashion club to talk about the "real issues" or whatever you call it but they weren't interested."
Daria: *sighing* "The first thing you need to understand is there's a lot more at stake than just makeup and clothes. People's civil liberties are being violated by police brutality, reproductive and gay could be stripped away by the Supreme Court, and the pandemic and ensuing recession could continue to hurt more people if something isn't done soon. And I'll deny I ever said this, but you're actually a smarter person than what you give yourself credit for. You were the only fashion club member to at least try to discuss the problems facing working people in this country, so you're fully capable of wrapping your head around the complex problems of an election and what it means for other people instead of just worrying about fashion all the time, so stop it. Now if you really want to know what will happen the truth is I have no idea."
Quinn: *now feeling a little more confident in herself* "Thanks, Daria. I guess the best we can do now is just wait and hope for the best."
Daria: "Seems that way."
Quinn: *sighing* "Ok." *goes back to her room*
*Socially distanced date with Tom in the abandoned graveyard*
Tom: "I've already voted and I hope Biden wins, but at the same time there's a little part of me that feels like everything is hopeless and just wants to sit back and watch the fire rage, but I know there are marginalized people whose lives depend on the outcome and I think I'd feel pretty bad if I didn't at least try to help them. And what's even sadder is there are people who are fully capable of voting and either go for that maniac in the White House or just decide they don't care what happens and stay home, and those are the people that really need to be reached. Throughout history, bad politicians have been elected by good people who don't vote. And you'd think they would learn by now, but apparently not."
Daria: "What really needs to happen to get people motivated to go to the polls is compulsory voting, as well as ranked-choice voting so people don't feel like they have to choose between the "lesser of two evils," and the electoral college needs to be abolished in favor of a popular vote election."
Tom: "Yeah, that would be nice but unfortunately that probably won't ever happen."
Daria: "Probably not."
Tom: "At this point, we've done what we can do and at the end of the day all you can do is allow things to play out as they will."
Daria: *feeling a bit defeated* "Yeah, I guess you're right. How did your parents vote?"
Tom: "Last time my mom voted for Hillary Clinton and my dad went with Gary Johnson, but this time they both voted for Joe Biden."
Daria: "Well I guess that's at least something. I'm supposed to give a speech in support of Biden for the mock election at school, but I feel like no one will care since they seem to be dominated by the Republican Club."
Tom: "Nothing, and I mean nothing, is more annoying than people our age who are more concerned with their dad's oil business being taxed more than by the fact that life as we know it could end in 30 years thanks to climate change. And look, I know you feel hopeless about your speech, but I think you'll do great. If there's anyone who can make a case against Donald Trump and corporate America and in favor of Joe Biden, as much of a loose cannon as he is, it's you. You got this, I'm sure of it."
Daria: *smiling a little bit* "Thanks, I needed to hear that."
*Daria's room*
Daria: *at her desk writing her speech* "Alright, let's see what I can do."
*At school in the auditorium the next day*
Daria: "Good God, doesn't Ms. Li understand that having an assembly like this could be a super spreader event?"
Jane: "It's Ms. Li, what did you expect? She's a psychopath in need of constant attention to fulfill her ego."
Daria: "At least they're requiring everyone to wear a mask and use the hand sanitizer dispenser on the way in. I'll see you afterward." *heads backstage to wait*
Jane: "Good luck!"
*on the front row*
Mr. O'Neill: "Hello there, Ms. Barch, I wondering if you voted yet."
Ms. Barch: "I have and I voted for Jo Jorgensen, the only woman on the ballot since this country would be a lot better off if a man wasn't in charge."
Mr. O'Neill: "Well if you're interested I picked Joe Biden."
Ms. Barch: "Hmm I suppose you could have picked worse, so I guess I'll keep you around."
*On stage*
Ms. Li: "Good afternoon, students, as you know this is the assembly where you will hear a case made for each of the respective candidates by two of our own students. And I would also like to remind you that everyone must voluntarily pay five dollars to vote in our mock election and then vote our mock election or be voluntarily put in detention. Lastly, the exercising of your civic duty will bring glory to Lawndale High. Now without further ado let us welcome our first speaker, Charles Ruttheimer, who will be giving his speech in support of President Donald Trump."
Upchuck: "Hello, everyone, Charles Ruttheimer here. As you know Donald Trump is running for reelection and why should you vote for him you may ask, well, I shall tell you. He's a billionaire. He understands our economy and if you for him you can be a billionaire too. And not to mention he's also a ladies man. Listen here fellas, if you vote for the ladies man, you too can also become a ladies man. I suppose I should also talk about some of his policies. As an example, he intends to give this country the world's greatest healthcare while his opponent would just take it all away and give to that upstart AOC, who by the way, does not want you to be rich or be a ladies man. You see Biden thinks the government can step in and manage our economy, but in reality, the free market is the only way. President Trump understands this, he is the one who cut your taxes so that we can all become rich billionaires. Wouldn't you like to be rich too? Now I would like to take a moment to speak to the ladies in the room. You see Donald Trump is responsible for adding the fifth woman to the Supreme Court, and, ladies, I don't know about you but can't think of anything more pro-woman than that. And finally, I would like to say there are two choices before you; freedom or allowing our government to control our lives. Thank you."
*In the audience*
Jane: "Well he seems to have really excited the Trump voters since they're making the most noise."
Jodie: "Those people are such pigs, they don't care about anything but becoming rich."
Mac: "Couldn't have said it better."
Kevin: *talking to Brittany* "See, babe, I told you Trump's the man."
Brittany: "Hmm, I don't know, I mean the pandemic hasn't gone away and how are we supposed to do a socially distanced pyramid?"
Kevin: "Oh come on, babe, he's rich and women love him, don't you think it'd be great if I was rich and the ladies wanted me?"
Brittany: *angrily* "What do you mean have all the ladies love you? Am I not good enough for you?"
Kevin: "Babe, that's not what I meant."
Brittany: "Well you listen here, Kevin Thompson, if that's what you think then maybe you should find some other girl who wants to be used and forgotten, but that's not me, you football fumbling, two-timing, good for nothing player. And just to show you, I'm voting for Biden." *Brittany angrily stomps away*
Kevin: "Babe, come back!" *Kevin now feels a sense of dread and confusion due to him not entirely understanding Brittany's anger*
Jane: *seeing what just happened between Brittany and Kevin* "I guess that's one way to get someone to not vote for Trump."
Jodie: "Oh my God, I am so tired of seeing dopey girls get sucked in by Trump supporters, so that does give me at least a little hope."
Mac: "How do you guys think Daria will do?"
Jodie: "I mean she's a smart person, so I'm sure she'll do well, but the Trump supporters at this school are so enthusiastic."
Jane: "If nothing someone will have taken a stand for some kind of greater good."
*On stage*
Ms. Li: "Next up we have Daria Morgendorffer giving her speech in favor of former Vice President Joe Biden."
Daria: "Thank you, everyone. Right now the United States is in the grips of a global pandemic and a recession. The fact is we need leadership, real leadership, and the best person to do that right now is Joe Biden. Biden actually has a plan to deal with the coronavirus that not only includes listening to scientists but also making sure everyone wheres a mask, scientists having plenty of time to put together a vaccine in a safe manner, and making sure schools and businesses have the proper PPE to open up. Donald Trump, on the other hand, has done nothing to stop it and in many instances has made the pandemic worse. In 2018 fired the pandemic response team and didn't replace them, he opposed mass testing because he believed it would hurt his reelection chances, he called the virus a "Democratic hoax," has done absolutely nothing to stop the rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans, for months he refused to wear a mask and even stopped the post office from sending masks to everyone, he's continued to hold super spreader events like massive campaign rallies and events for his Supreme Court appointee Amy Coney Barrett, he's tried to silence Dr. Anthony Fauci, and in the tapes with Bob Woodward from months ago, he even admitted he knew the virus was as bad as scientist saying it was. He lied about this virus. Joe Biden would not do this, instead, he would address the issue head-on until everyone was safe. Throughout his campaign, Biden's shown himself to actually be a responsible person by only holding small events where social distancing was possible and he's worn a mask in public appearances. For those of you who are so concerned with the economy right now, there has been a massive job loss, which was due to the pandemic getting so bad, and the reason the pandemic got to this point was because of his criminal mismanagement. Just look around you, over 200,000 people have died from this virus because of his lack of ability to lead or even care for ordinary citizens. How many of you have lost loved ones because of what is currently happening. Joe Biden understands grief, Donald Trump only understands himself. And that's not all, those tax cuts he signed, those were for billionaires like him, not you. He only cares about getting rich. Like it or not the only way you can become a billionaire is by either inheriting your wealth, screwing over other people, or just getting lucky. That is exactly how Donald Trump became a billionaire, he inherited his wealth from his father, he screwed over business partners, and just got lucky with all of his failed business ventures. Joe Biden has promised not to raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 a year, which is all of you by the way, and believes the rich should pay their fair share. Additionally, Donald Trump is also the most overtly racist president since Woodrow Wilson. He's called Black Lives Matter protesters "thugs" and "criminals" when all they're asking for is to not be shot by the cops and rather than try to calm the nation during this time he's just encouraged White supremacist violence. Admittedly, Joe Biden hasn't always been perfect on police brutality, but he at least regrets the '94 Crime Bill. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is a shameless coward. One of the worst things he's done is his child separation policy. And like everything else he lied about this one too because he said it was "the law," but in reality, he could have ended the whole thing with a phone call and now 545 children will never see their parents ever again and all of this was because he is a monster. Once again, Joe Biden has not been perfect, but he regrets the deportations during the Obama administration, has shown compassion for the separated children, and believes in a path to citizenship. But Donald Trump continues to behave like a racist pig. I don't who needs to hear this but women in positions of power are not inherently feminist, especially when those women, like Amy Coney Barrett, would use their power to hurt marginalized people like women and the LGBT community. Joe Biden has shown his change of heart on LGBT issues by supporting same-sex marriage rights and nondiscrimination rules during the Obama administration and has said he supports passing the Equality Act within the first one hundred days of taking office. Donald Trump has not shown the same growth and has been hostile towards the LGBT community during his presidency. Joe Biden believes in a woman's right to choose, while Donald Trump thinks women are pieces of meat. Now I would like to take a moment to address supporters of the president. The truth is you guys got played. Hillary Clinton is not going to jail, Mexico is not paying for the wall, and right now the United States is the laughing stock of the world. Everything that is happening right now is the result of electing a talentless, spoiled, incompetent billionaire bully to the highest office in the nation whose only real skill is cheating at golf and on his wife. Lastly, I would like to say you should stand firm for what you believe in until logic and experience prove you wrong. The truth and a lie are not kind of the same thing. There is less than one week to decide what kind of country this; one based on compassion or one based on cruelty. Please do what is right and vote Donald Trump, the criminal fascist president out of office in favor of Joe Biden. Thank you."
*at this point the audience was silent but then slowly started to erupt in applause while the students supporting Donald Trump just looked down in shame*
*after the assembly*
Jodie: "Daria, I just wanted to say that was really cool."
Jane: "Yeah I'd say you knocked it out of the park."
Daria: *not being sure how to handle compliments* "Oh, um, thanks."
Jane: "If nothing else you made Upchuck look stupid." *Jane points to the Lawndale High School Republican Club booth where no one standing or chanting except a shameful looking Upchuck*
Daria: "Well I guess that's something. Now maybe we won't have to hear the obnoxious jeers of Trump supporters at this school anymore. If only the rest of the country would be like this."
Jane: "Do you want to go grab a slice and hang out in the graveyard?"
Daria: *feeling a sense of victory and accomplishment, but only smiling a little bit* "Yeah, that would be great."
*The two friends walk out the school with feelings of satisfaction but also anticipation for what will happen on Election Day. Daria knows that while she may not have changed the entire country she at least did what she could to make the world a better place and for that, she feels grateful.*
On a serious note, please go vote if you haven't already done so.
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2020.10.29 14:19 whole-sundae What was your queerest moment pre-coming out to yourself?

Hi lovely people! Just wanted a space to share stories and laugh at our young, queer, naive selves. (Sorry if it’s been done before, I’m new here!) I think a lot of us had a good chunk of time thinking we were straight, and before questioning that default, we probably had a heap of gay thoughts or moments that we wrote off at the time. This could probably apply to anyone in the LGBT+ community, just posting it here because I’m a bi woman myself. So I’m curious - what’s the gayest thing you did before realizing you were queer?
My favorite gay moment was probably back when I took dance classes as a preteen. There was a part of one of our jazz dances where we had a partner lifting us, and I got partnered up with an older girl. I remember blushing like CRAZY every time she touched me. For the whole section of the dance after the lift, I'd be so flustered that I could barely stay upright, much less dance. One day we were in the middle of the lift when our teacher (also a pretty woman, kill me) made us pause and hold the position while she corrected us. I distinctly remember hearing my heartbeat in my ears so loud that I could not hear her comments at all lol. The only thing on my mind was: being held by pretty girl, being held by pretty girl, being held by - you get it. Lol. Unbelievably, I managed to walk away from those classes still convinced I was straight. My personal excuse was that I was just socially awkward - which was technically true, but still. Not nearly enough for that to be my reaction lmao.
Tell me your gayest moment pre-internal realization! Bonus points for how you justified it as straight!
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2020.10.29 04:49 ssumbag ALL OF US [ discord ]

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.” ~ Stephen King
Are you looking for a roleplay? A roleplaying partner or in search of roleplaying groups? Do you want to be a part of a growing community of roleplayers?
All Of Us™ is the server you want to join! LGBT+ friendly community.
Please stay awhile and join this ever-growing community. We here have everything you need when looking for a roleplay partner, roleplay groups and other communities. All Of Us™ not only caters to those of roleplayers but also to those who enjoy the art of writing! We hope you enjoy your stay with us and please feel free to express your artistic endeavors with us as this community DO NOT tolerate discriminations and judgments.
☽ Advertise for 1-to-1 roleplaying partners or search through the array of posted advertisements by our members. ☽ Advertise for a roleplaying group or look for one to join ☽ We have self-assignable roles ☽ Growing community of roleplayers ☽ Writing Center help, where members can look for help with lore, world-building and more
• if interested in being apart of this growing server please send me your discord handle as subject line.
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2020.10.29 00:35 Ok-Caterpillar-2102 I feel like I can't do anything to help in my long distance relationship

I (23F) have been in a long distance relationship with my partner (21 NB) for 3 1/2 years now. Throughout our relationship we have met up about 2-3 times a year. I don't really mind url dating because I'm a very online person and my partner is the same way. We have no issues with messaging/calling each other and we do so frequently. However, because of Covid we have not been able to visit each other since January. This has really taken a toll on our relationship as well as my partner's mental health.
When we started dating my partner didn't really show any signs of depression but it has gotten worse over the years. Around February of this year they started taking anti-depressants. They were working pretty well for a bit and they told me that they weren't having any intrusive/depressive thoughts and they were also talking to a therapist. However, during this time my partner started experiencing gender dysphoria as well. My partner was AMAB and they wanted to start transitioning. Unfortunately, the gender clinic in their country rejected their application because they have depression. This did not help at all and combining this with not being able to see me has worsened my partner's mental health. I know they would be much happier if they could transition but their country's gender clinic has a backwards policy on transitioning.
I am a cisgender woman and I know I will never understand what it's like to not be able to transition but I try to be as supportive as possible. However, it's very hard to be in relationship with someone who has depression when you live apart from each other. I also feel very helpless because I can't do anything to help them transition. This has been stressing me out for past couple of months and I think this is also negatively affecting our relationship,. They are often in a bad mood and very pessimistic about things. I try to be positive and do fun things like watch movies or play video games but it only feels like a distraction to the real issue.
*EDIT* I forgot to mention they aren't in therapy right now because they wanted a therapist who specializes in trans issues. However, most of the LGBT friendly therapists are under private practice so they would have to pay more money to speak with them.
TL;DR My LDR partner has been experiencing depression and gender dysphoria and we haven't been able to see each other because of Covid. I feel powerless to make them feel better and I feel this is taking a toll on our relationship.
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2020.10.28 22:01 TrahMe OP's friends constantly make it known that they will support her when she comes out to them, but OP is straight. [Posted 3 months ago]

Repost, original post by u/toastiesandtea
 I want to start this off by saying my friends are wonderful people who are supportive and positive. We're a very diverse crowd and would probably be considered progressive by most people's standards.
There's eight of us in this social circle (including me), and between us half are POC, three are LGBT+, one is a sex worker and another became a parent at 15. I'd like to think we're open minded people who see personality first and nothing else and I love them all to shreds.
The problem I'm having now is that they're a bit too woke to the point that I'm now getting DMs from my friends who are sending me links to organisations like this for 'coming out' support. I literally have been in a straight relationship for 5 years now but I think they believe I'm bisexual.
Other examples of my friends trying to support me would be when one of my LGBT+ friends invited me to join their LGBT+ society at Uni (we go to the same one). I pointed out it's for LGBT only and not allies and they said "That's the point, they can help you!"
I have said multiple times that I'm straight, I love my partner and I've never been interested in anyone who isn't a cis-male before. When I politely remind them of this they keep quiet for a month or so but then it comes back up somehow.
Last Saturday I'd had enough, we had all been on a video call together and a joke was made about how "literally half of this damn group is gay!". Half of eight is four, there are three who are gay unless you count 'me'.
I just outright asked why everyone was under the impression I was gay. I was fed up of not knowing how this started and why they weren't listening to me. Everything went so quiet you could hear a pin drop.
Finally one of them said it was my body language, my mannerisms, how I talk to women, the way I dress etc. Apparently the vibe I give off is that of a woman who is gay but hasn't realised yet. Another friend then pointed out how in high school there was a rumour I had a girlfriend because a female friend of mine would sit on my knee and we would go to the bathroom together a lot, which I'd completely forgotten about.
It sucks because I see their point. I do dress in baggy men's clothes and shoes. I do dye my hair funky colours and wear Lynx/Axe spray. I do probably come across as flirty with women (completely unintentionally) by doing things like pulling out seats and holding doors open. I'm broadly built and many people over the years have said I stand and sit like a man. I've even had women make a pass at me in gay clubs.
This would be great if I was gay but I'm not. I can tell it's only a matter of time before my partner becomes concerned but I'm not sure how to address this! My friends genuinely are lovely people and they aren't being pushy, I think they're just worried I have internalised homophobia and want me to be okay. My questions are:
  1. Should I make a conscious effort to make my appearance and behaviours more feminine and less stereotypically butch? And
  2. What's the best way I could sit my friends down and talk about this properly?
I would be heart broken if this affected my relationship with my SO. I love him to pieces and it was super hard trying to find a guy that didn't want me to be their lady-bro in the first place. I don't want to lose the person who could see past that and find it attractive. Please help!
edit - can I just say... Wow. You have all been so incredibly supportive of me and I want to say thank you. I was terrified of posting in case I came across like I was being sensitive and overreacting and that it was my fault for being who I am. I can't thank you guys enough
UPDATE original removed, archived on removeddit
 First and foremost, thank you to everyone who reached out to me, I was blown away by how many others have gone through the same thing. There was some wonderful advice in there which I used going forward with my friends. So without further ado, here is the update.
Yesterday I managed to coax everyone into a group video call. I knew it would be awkward because one of my friends (B) came across my post on here and guessed it was me from the title and username (apparently having a unique situation and eating a toastie with a cup of tea for lunch everyday makes it obvious, oops). That friend promised that they would keep their discovery a secret and I believe they did based on the reaction I got from everyone on the video call.
Going back to my friend - upon finding my post B immediately sent a message where they apologised for not defending me when they should have. They came across a specific chain of comments where I talk about how forcing people to come out has negative consequences. These comments hurt to read because (unbeknownst to me) that happened to B's brother at the age of 14. He was too young and confused to deal with the heavy burden of being outed before he was ready, and as a result he was suicidal for years. A friend snooped on his phone and found MxM porn history, screenshot it and it all went downhill from there.
I could tell they were truly sorry so I accepted their apology without question (if you're reading this B, you're an amazing sibling to your brother and a brilliant friend to me, please don't be hard on yourself). All has since been forgotten with them.
Right - one down, seven to go. So next I messaged the group chat and asked if we could have a video call because I had something to say... This is where it gets awkward.
When everyone's cameras came on I noticed that four of them had party poppers and two of those same four had pride flags - one even had one painted on their face... They thought I was 'finally' coming out.
I didn't entertain it for a second and told them all to calm down because they were wasting their excitement as it wasn't what they thought it was. I condensed my sentiments down in about five minutes - short, sweet, concise. Summed up, I said:
Now, in my post it became apparent that many of you felt my friends weren't great friends but I'd like to think their reaction disproves this. There wasn't a single one of them that didn't profusely apologise, but it was the two who were pushing for me to 'come out' most that really went out of their way.
Let's call these two friends X and Y. X invited me to an afternoon tea in their back garden (allowed in my country) because it was sunny, and they said that it was just going to be our friend group. Naturally I said yes because I took this as a sign they wanted to talk. Turns out it was more.
They threw me a surprise 'coming out' party but as an ally. There were pride flags everywhere but they had written the word 'acceptance' on them. After many apologies and hugs there was food, booze, laughing and joking. We had a giant water fight with water-guns and water-balloons loaded up on drunken enthusiasm. When the sun went down and it got cold we bundled inside and watched She's The Man on DVD with mango sorbet, my effing favourite :) I love my friends - they gave me the acceptance I was looking for and I couldn't be happier.
TL;RD - everything is great; my friends, my relationship, my self-esteem... It's all good. We have a big happy friendship circle and everything pulled through with a big talk and a boozy water fight.
PS: I hope those of you reading this who are LGBT+ don't take offense to them throwing me the party because I understand genuinely being gay/queer and coming out isn't easy and is definitely not a joke. But the reason they threw this party, I believe, is because I had thrown both X and Y a coming out party. I see this as an "I accept you, and you accept me" sort of move.
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2020.10.28 21:05 autotldr In Poland, Anti-LGBT Sentiment Is Isolating Its Small Towns

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 84%. (I'm a bot)
A recent rise in anti-LGBTQ animus in Poland is causing more and more European towns to annul or suspend twinning arrangements with their Polish partners.
Over the past year, nearly 100 Polish towns, primarily in the mostly rural southeast, have adopted charters or signed resolutions declaring themselves "Free from LGBT ideology." In response, like Saint-Jean-de-Braye, many of the European towns they were twinned with have put their partnerships on hold.
In July, the European Union canceled tens of thousands of dollars in grants for six Polish municipalities under its twin towns programs, citing their anti-LGBTQ declarations.
The deputy mayor, found the Tuchow town council's anti-gay declaration earlier this year "Serious and worrying." She said that by suspending the twin town agreement, Saint-Jean-de-Braye hoped to express "Solidarity" with the LGBTQ community, and help add weight at the local level to the EU's efforts to exhort Poland to improve its record on LGBTQ rights.
Shortly after Saint-Jean-de-Braye's decision, the northern French town of Douai suspended its 24-year partnership with Pulawy, in eastern Poland.
Back in Saint-Jean-de-Braye, Martin-Chabbert is hoping that the spirit of twin towns can be revived in the future.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: town#1 twin#2 Polish#3 Poland#4 partnership#5
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2020.10.28 18:01 autotldr Stillbirth charity ‘bullied’ into apology after using trans inclusive language to support birthing parents

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 75%. (I'm a bot)
Sands UK, a charity that supports parents through stillbirth and neonatal death, faced a torrent of abuse from anti-trans activists for using the term "Birthing partner".
Sands UK, a charity that supports parents through stillbirth and neonatal death, has been "Bullied" into apologising for using inclusive language on social media.
On Saturday, charity Sands UK shared details of its support channels on Twitter, writing: "Often the focus of support and comfort is on the birthing parent, which can leave partners or non-birthing parents feeling isolated and alone. Sands is here for you."
Sands UK was accused of trying to "Rewrite language", while some Twitter users said they would feel unable to turn to the charity for support because it had used language that was inclusive of LGBT+ people.
Journalist Elle Hunt said the backlash against Sands UK for using inclusive language was "Disgraceful" and noted that the term "Birthing parent" doesn't deny anyone's experience - it simply includes more experiences of parenthood.
Various anti-trans Twitter accounts demanded that Sands UK delete the original tweet referring to "Birthing parents" and issue a second apology for including LGBT+ people in its work.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: parent#1 Sands#2 birth#3 language#4 inclusive#5
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2020.10.28 17:17 mister-villainous Had our ballots stolen 🙃

Posting this here because I'm running through the sub and I don't see anyone else sharing a similar story and thought I could help nyone who might be in a similar situation. First bit will be what happened, second bit will be how to proceed if this happens/happened to you.
What happened:
Fyi, I'm not jumping to definite conclusions here, I just definitely noticed coincidences in the time line and will point them out here for you to consider. Last week our apartment complex on hazel dell was canvassed by a reynolds campaigner. I open the door to him, no idea who he is, and immediately get the opening speech.
He asks if I've considered voting for reynolds. I ask if the candidate is republican. He squirms a bit and finally says yes, and quickly adds, "but he's not like other Republicans!"
I tell him that doesn't really matter to me, as I'm Democrat (democratic socialist let's be real) and won't be supporting any republican this election. He responds by telling me I should really be voting on policy, not party, and asks what subjects are important to me, and how he could possibly win me over. I tell him the causes that matter most to me are full and free abortion rights, lgbtqia+ rights, support for BLM, Universal Healthcare, and Anti-Capitalist programs.
He takes a second to reboot before saying "well...Reynolds is a former police officer... Would that change your mind?" to which I respond, "only negatively."
With a final dirty look, he says "I see then," and walks away.
Now, before I continue, I just want to clarify; normally I don't go all antifa, extreme Lib, sjw in these situations. I'm normally reserved, polite, and would've just kindly told him I knew who I was voting for ND wouldn't be disclosing it. But... Something about that day. Idk if I'd read a recent article that pissed me off or what, but when I tried to politely decline his door debate and he continued pressing, I decided to make him understand there was no way in hell he'd win my vote. I get that that was a fuck up on my part, and it's not my usual behavior. On top of that, if I had just closed the door, he would've put two and two together that I was a filthy Lib anyways as I have LGBT pride stuff all around my apartment in full view of the entrance.
Anyways, he moves on from our door to the family across from us. The Hispanic, seemingly liberal family, of which I believe some of the adults don't speak English. He strikes out there as well. Now, the other neighbors directly in our vicinity either don't answer him, or fully agree with him and voice their support along with a few slurs about the evil minorities in the area as well (apparently reynolds is an exception?).
He leaves to canvass ls the rest of the rest of the complex.
That night, my mailbox is broken into. Like most apartment complexes, it's part of a large bank of mailboxes in a wooden frame. I go to check my mail, and the box is wide open. I panic at first, thinking I or my fiance left it open, and am almost certain I was last to grab the mail so it would be on me. I look inside to see if our mail is still there, and find only flyers for local Republicans. It doesn't click at first, and I go to close and lock the box. It won't close. Then I look at the lock. It's busted. It looks like someone took a variety of tools to it, anything but a key. Now I'm looking, and see that the actual box itself looks all scraped up, like someone had to socket wrench on the lock and was trying to pop it off and was scraping the handle of the wrench against the rest of the box.
As it's hitting me what's going on and I'm staring at the republican flyers in my hand thinking about the pro-plaguer at my door earlier, I look over to the mailbox next to mine, the one belonging to the family I mentioned earlier that are right across from me, their mailbox is broken open as well, the lock and box have the exact same damage done to them as mine. No other mailboxes in the area are touched. I run back to the apartment to tell my fiance what has happened and to see if there's any way to check what, if anything was taken. I'm disabled and on benefits, and have important medical and legal paperwork sent to me pretty much weekly at least. My fiance's employer sometimes sends them sensitive information, so we both have reasons to worry. However, we both are confident that our ballots have been taken, and were the motivation.
I run over to the neighbors to inform them of what's happened, but they're not answering. It is quite late at night, around midnight or 1am (we had realized before bed that we forgot to grab the mail), so they're either sleeping or not home this night. I run back to the boxes and grab their mail for them, stuffing it in a bag and bringing it back to my place. They had more mail than we did, but it mostly seemed to be local ad papers. I took the mail as I didn't want it getting stolen if there was anything sensitive. I left a note for them both on their door and their mailbox explaining the situation and that I had their mail, and also left a note at the complex office. I have no idea if they had ballots or not as I didn't look at their mail, just grabbed it and stuffed it in a bag.
What we did/what to do:
The first couple things we did, contact our complex office and the post office. The property managers for an apartment complex are typically responsible for the mailboxes. So calling them ended with putting them in work order in for a new lock and box repair. They went ahead and ordered it for the neighbors as well. The post office put our mail on hold, keeping it at our local office so we could pick it up if we had necessary items, and once the box was fixed the hold would be lifted. Both parties told us there was nothing to be done about the cause of the issue. After taking some time to investigate however, the post office did get back to me and confirm that our ballots had been taken, but that they couldn't confirm if anything else was taken along with them.
When it comes to ballots, I will say that we are incredibly lucky to live on Washington were there are several options regarding ballots and voting is so accessible. I have always praised the fact that we can vote by mail, and literally everyone I know in the state prefers to vote by mail, and I honestly believe it should be the standard. To fix the issue of the stolen ballots, all we had to do was go online to
Sign in with my information, click on the "online ballot" link, and follow the instructions to print the ballot and return packet. When you do this, you can choose to fill out the ballot online and print it with your answers filled, or print it unfilled and fill it with a pen. I know this is a small thing, but it blows my mind that not only can we print our ballots, but print them pre-filled with our selections (a small thing for most but certainly big for people like me who have disabilities that make it difficult to grip a pen fill forms precisely).
After printing your ballot, you print your return packet. This is essentially what you'd recognize as the secrecy page, and voter information form. The final page of this packet is what would be the front of your return envelope. Fill the information, cut it out, and attach it to whatever envelope you are actually using. If you send in this printed ballot, you will have to pay your own postage. If you plan to use a drop box, you're fine without postage.
Of course, if you don't have access to a printer or aren't tech savvy enough for all of this (though it is extremely intuitive and accessible imo) you could instead request a different ballot be sent out to you, though there is no guarantee it would reach you in time to vote.
And there you have it; u/mrvillainous' guide to voting when your ballot is stolen. I suppose it is worth mentioning that as soon as you request a new ballot, or print a new one, your old one is voided. I believe the qr codes on them are slightly different and the qr code itself is voided so it can't be counted twice. So if whoever stole mine and my partner's ballots tried to vote on our behalf, and even if they had flawless copies of our signatures, it wouldn't work thanks to the ballot being voided.
I will add as a small happy ending to the story; whoever broke in to my mailbox definitely did so specifically for our ballots. Even if it wasn't the canvasser or someone associated with them, the ballots were the motivation, and I'm confident it was a red who wanted to stop my partner and I from voting as we are obviously liberal. Despite their efforts, we did indeed vote, and you can be damn sure we voted blue across the entire ballot. Crazy how voter suppression can motivate someone to vote against your party.
Anyways, hope this is helpful and/or enlightening and/or entertaining. Ya'll have a good day.
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2020.10.28 16:54 MoatEel I was left out of the WLW photograph at my friends' wedding

Posting because recent bi erasure posts have resurfaced memories that I at the time decided to internalize and never discuss with anyone, and I'd like to share the experience.
A few years back, I was attending the wedding of two of my girl friends from college. Many of the other attendees there were also lesbians, and early on in the weekend I was asked what my sexual orientation was (I was attending with my male partner, and they have only known me to date men, but I responded that my preferences are probably 90/10 for women). The brides and a handful of others there already knew that I was bi, but it felt great to finally come out to the broader group.
The photographer did the typical take pics of different various groups of friends thing, and I didn't know until I saw the photos posted that they had one for only the WLW folk. I know it wasn't an exclusively lesbian pic, as one of the brides was bi. This stung- it was the first time I had directly been made to feel "not gay enough" from others in the lgbt community. It sucks that this situation is something that happens to many of us.
Not to get sappy, but this sub has empowered me to feel seen and 'legitimate', so thank you all, you're the best :)
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2020.10.28 15:01 autotldr Taiwanese military mass wedding to feature its first same-sex couples

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Two same-sex couples are to be married in the Taiwanese army's annual mass wedding ceremony this week, in a first after the island's government legalised marriage equality 18 months ago.
The military said: "Our country has become the first in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage and the ministry gives its blessings to same-sex servicemen who are getting married."
A spokesperson for a social media group advocating for LGBT awareness in the military told the Guardian they were pleased to see a traditionally conservative institution accept and "Give blessings" to same-sex marriage.
Three same-sex couples were due to take part in last year's ceremony but withdrew.
Thousands of couples have registered their marriage since the 2019 law took effect.
Taiwanese people seeking to marry foreigners of the same sex can only do so if their partner's home country also legally recognises marriage equality.
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2020.10.28 14:05 lesbian_couples_inst Lesbian Relationship Breakthrough Program in Denver

Lesbian Relationship Breakthrough Program in Denver
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  • Stop the revolving-door arguments
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This Lesbian Relationship Breakthrough Program includes:
One Full Day Retreat with your LGBT therapist You’ll spend an entire day together, focusing on your relationship to gain a deep understanding of the issues that are causing you distress and pain, and to develop a customized plan, with simple solutions that will massively shift your relationship into being truly happy and peaceful again.
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Bonus: Four 15 minute “emergency” telephone calls with your LGBT counselor, as needed throughout this program.
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